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As You Are Magazine is a source for self-expression, self-love, and empowerment. When you open our pages, we want YOU to feel the love and acceptance that embody every photoshoot, article, and interview. As You Are Magazine is driven by a need to represent those that are not shown in mainstream media.
Founder and creator Arturo Gomez created As You Are Magazine with the vision to create a space where individuals can embrace and celebrate what makes them unique.
We are a fashion and lifestyle magazine that promotes the art of loving and accepting yourself for who you are. We work alongside real individuals with different lifestyles, appearances, and stories— in order to demonstrate that we don’t need to conform to society’s standards to be celebrated or seen as beautiful. There are NO RETOUCHES, EDITING, or ENHANCING to our models. This allows the beautiful capture of uniqueness and beauty that every individual holds.
We welcome ALL PEOPLE. Our mission is to prove that not everyone has to submit themselves to a certain look, lifestyle, or outlook to be represented. No matter who you love, what size you are, where you live, what your beliefs are, we welcome you…
As You Are
Genuinely with love,
the As You Are Team

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